Less than One Month!

Monday, July 27, 2015
With Joseph, at the National Museum of Singapore
The whale shark at the SEA Aquarium 


Can you believe it everyone? Less than one month! The end is coming. haha 

This week was great!!! Elder Riddle and I are settling in as companions, becoming better and better friends. Last week for pday we went to the SEA (South East Asia) Aquarium, and enjoyed it heaps!! We got some great tickets down in Chinatown that were basically half price :) Turns out learning Chinese from Elder Wang has its perks!! 

We also went and did some great service at the AMK/Bishan Park. We planted trees and the like for 2 hours on Wednesday morning. And on Friday morning, we had another opportunity to serve when we took the same group of senior Singaporeans we took to the beach a few months ago to the National Museum of Singapore! Here is a picture with Joseph, the Tamil man I was privileged to escort. He's 86 years old!! As we traversed the museum, he gave me a real-life perspective on what occurred. It was SO INTERESTING. He told me first-hand about the brutality of the Japanese occupation in Singapore. He explained how he didn't want Singapore to merge with Malaya back in the 60's, so he voted against it, but the merger happened anyway. I love learning haha so I was just so excited to see and hear all this stuff - I think my enthusiasm helped him enjoy it, too! What's more, I got to go with Elder Hansen, my former companion from Klang. We had a really great time.

I love service!! I've missed being able to do this kind of service often. I hope I can make it a permanent part of my life back at home - especially service outside of the church.

This week was also good because we taught P and S, and helped them progress further. P wants to be baptized in September, on her birthday, so that will be wonderful!! We taught S the Word of Wisdom, and really helped him come to understand it. He said he would try to live it!! We need to work on how we can help him commit to baptism. That's our focus for this week. Hopefully he can be baptized next month (August). I would love to see him baptized before I go, but of course he is wokring on increasing his faith until he can do it. Both of them were fellowshipped REALLY WELL by the ward this week. It looks like they are beginning to become part of the community.

We also had a great opportunity to teach FS (a returning less active) about the Melchizedek Priesthood.  It's one of my favorite responsibilities. I taught the same thing to converts in Miri. I love seeing men step up to realize their priesthood responsibilities and accept the blessings and the responsibilities of the priesthood. Such an amazing, great responsibility we hold. We are the Church of Jesus Christ. We must humbly yet boldly declare that.

I also learned that this week as we taught an investigator named S. He's been hearing quite a few different churches' teachings, so we felt a lesson about baptism and priesthood authority were appropriate. We taught him boldly and simply that the priesthood authority exists only in Jesus Christ's church. (See Luke 9:1-2 for details). He then asked, "Do you mean that no other churches have any authority? Why do you want to teach that?" We responded, "We do not say this to insult other churches - but if it's true, how can we not teach all people the true authority exists here?" It was a powerful moment. 

Good things are happening!! We're just working on finding. Finding the elect... it's tough! But I believe they are here. I know we can find them if we follow the promptings of the Spirit.

I love you all!! Enjoy and have a great week!!!

Elder Clay Coleman