The Longest Stretch aka the Final Week

Monday, August 17, 2015
Taken on August 7 when Elder Riddle had 19 months left and I had 19 days! 

Another great week in the books. I'm working to put thoughts of home out of my mind because I feel that makes my remaining time left go even faster - and though going home is definitely an exciting and fun prospect, I recognize that upon being at home for a few weeks, I will desire to be back here in the mission field. So I'm trying to enjoy and savor the last bits of my mission.

Great progress this week. An investigator was interviewed and passed for her date this Saturday. Another had an incredible lesson where we threw our plan out the window and read with him instead the baptismal interview questions. He didn't realize he was ready until he read those qualifications and realized there was nothing stopping him! Very good possibility that he will be baptized NEXT Saturday. I hope I can get Skyped into the baptism to watch it from home!! That was a big miracle from the week.

My faith was strengthened this week when I was asked to give a blessing to Elder Pun and I felt the familiar voice of the Spirit guiding me and giving me the words to say. I prayed beforehand like usual to let Heavenly Father know I want to speak His words and NOT mine. I literally just tried to say the words I felt... And they came to me in a string of words, almost, hard to describe, but the feeling of revelation is real! And so I once again have the faith that if Heavenly Father can direct the words of a blessing, He can give inspiration and revelation to help the work progress, both here in Singapore and in Malaysia, in those little branches there.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week, and I prayed again, and I want to offer you my testimony that I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true. I know it from encounters with the Spirit of God which has testified to my soul!!! 

I love this work and I have done my best so far. I've got the longest stretch remaining - the final week.

:) Love you alll!! See you in less than the number of fingers you (should) have on your hands!!

Elder Clay Coleman