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Thursday, September 19, 2013
Well hello there!

Before you chastise me for not emailing sooner, let me tell you that today is my district's first preparation day! Our P-days are on Thursdays, and so we weren't given one our second day in the MTC. Today is a much needed break for the entire district. Hopefully you got my little letter about how the MTC felt on the first day!

First of all, I hope all is well back at home! I know school has started and the like, and I hope everything is just swell! Thank you all for sending all your letters and packages; it means so much to be able to know of your love and support!

The MTC is the bomb! I mean, it won't even compare to the actual field in the slightest, but I love it here. My district is seriously the best; everyone just loves each other and laughs and enjoys everything. I was called as district leader last Thursday, which has contributed to my inability to find time to write home. I have developed such love and devotion to these elders, and I just pray that the Lord can help me meet as many of their needs as possible!

Malay is awesome! This language is amazing, and it's coming pretty naturally. I have been picking my teacher's brain about some moderate grammar concepts, and it has been helping immensely! I can talk and form sentences without notes in lessons, providing I study the specific words of a lesson or principle. Brother Goodman's mission prep class at BYU was the best thing I ever did! Seriously!

My companion's name is Elder Poppleton, he's from Clinton, Utah. He's the best. Heavenly Father really was involved in assigning us together. The language is not coming as easily for him as it is for me - but I have been blessed to be so patient with him and provide any help that I can! 

My district honestly feels like one giant companionship. We have Elder Bester (Calgary), Elder Jensen (Alpine), Elder Harr (St. George, the one I met via instagram), Elder Mix (Provo), Elder Chang (Draper), Elder Poppleton and myself. It's the best, and we just love each other so much! We laugh and laugh, yet also study very hard and are perfectly what we need from one another.

I am on the West Campus MTC, meaning I am living in Wyview and our classroom is in an apartment in Raintree. Apparently, I am super blessed because the main MTC is supposed to feel more like a prison? Jokes. We love it here. Unfortunately for all my friends at BYU, west campus missionaries don't walk to the temple on Sundays! So you won't be sighting Elder Coleman walking to the temple...

McKelle sent the best care package ever! Literally I am so thankful for that, my district and I love those dang brownies. 

Really, I am so blessed for all the support! I love you guys so much, and I just can't imagine any place I'd rather be right now. I miss you all, but it's more strange than sad that I won't see you for a while... hahah does that even make sense? I dunno.

Love you all!


Elder Coleman

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