The MTC is Cruising!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcoming his cectpa aka Cectpa Coleman to the MTC!!
Hello all!

Well, as you can see from this picture below, I've been getting plenty of mail, and I love it! You guys make me feel so loved and appreciated. Thanks to all of you!

Shout out to Grandma, for the lovely updates of life! I definitely enjoy hearing from you! DeMordaunts, the cake pops were really good! Thank you! Sheriece and Pearson, you guys are studs! I love hearing everything! Pearson, the incredible amount of 'B's and 'Y's in your goodbye was amazing.

General Conference was the bomb! I really loved the line "Please, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." (President Uchtdorf) Makes me think of how the Lord really does answer so many of our prayers and has in the past so many times! Keep remembering the incredible mercies of the Lord, and you will never be at a loss for faith. I was struck by the prophet's message on trials. Here is a man that still mourns his own wife's passing, and I feel that his message was really directed at anyone who feels they are suffering similarly. I encourage everyone to watch or read his talk here.

So here's the deal with being on main campus yesterday when you arrived to drop off Cectpa (pronounced "Sestra") Coleman: My district and I had to attend a malaria meeting on main campus and then I suddenly realized that we could see each other! So after we dropped off our Preach My Gospel books to get laminated (so my covers are no longer falling off, major score!), we waited by the front of the campus. I knew y'all would be arriving some time around 1:00 pm, so we waited. I saw Elder Jimmy Jacobs get dropped off, and then finally saw you! Wish I could have come down to hug you, but I still saw you! Pretty sweet!

The MTC is cruising! I'm loving it here, we teach our Malay teachers (all returned missionaries from Malaysia) as they pretend to be investigators from their missions. I just can't wait to leave, though! I want to speak Malay with real people! 

Keep the faith! Life is awesome! You guys are all the best!

Love you all! 


Elder Coleman
Evidence that Elder Coleman is getting lots of support and encouragment!
Watching General Conference at the MTC
He loves running into friends who are also at the MTC--Elders Wyatt Corbin and Joseph Miller
Pranking his district mates with his companion (evidence they really are 18 year-olds)

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