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Monday, December 2, 2013

Elder Adams (on left) will be leaving for Bintulu on Thursday (shown here with Elder Crosland)
Hey Everyone:

Right now I am shocked! Today we got transfer news, and Elder Adams, my companion and trainer, is leaving to be a Zone Leader in an area far from here called Bintulu. (A zone leader is someone who has leadership responsibility for all the missionaries in his area, or zone.) I just found out I'm getting a new companion. This whole thing was totally unexpected. My new companion is Elder Cook, and he will finish my training (which is usually 12 weeks and I've already completed 6 weeks). I really thought I would be with Elder Adams for my entire training! And I don't know a thing about my new companion! It still hasn't gotten into my head that I am not going to have Elder Adams... yikesssssss. I have no idea about the transfer procedure because this is my first time (emoji with the teeth showing). All I can do, though, is trust that the Lord is doing what He knows is best for me and the Kota Masai area where I'm serving. I have to have that faith and keep pushing onwards! The coming week will definitely be interesting!

This past week we went Christmas caroling. Weirdest thing ever! We sang in Malay... but caroling is nothing like it is back home. Okay. So all of the church members in my area gathered at one house, with everyone inside. Then, we sang a song - but the group leader forgot to bring the hymn books with him. So we ended up just singing regular LDS hymns! hahahah Great songs but definitely not Christmas songs. Then, we packed up, and went to someone else's house who was already in the group of carolers - went inside, sat down, drank some orange sunkist water stuff (actually pretty good just impossible to explain), and sang there. Then we got up and went to another person's house, who was already with us! Then we went to the house of someone who wasn't caroling with us and brought them to the next house! They "ikut" or follow. (Hahaha it is a word that is used differently in Malay. You "ikut" the person that drives you in a car... doesn't even make sense hahahah) But so much fun! 

On a spiritual note, one of our investigators just agreed to be baptized. She is progressing, and I know she will make it. I'm so excited and so grateful to see the changing power of this gospel. I know this work is true, and I know I'm doing what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing.

Stay strong everyone! Love you all! Hope your Thanksgiving was great and that in the coming weeks you sing some real Christmas songs in English for me!

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Coleman
Elder Coleman was blessed to have this Thanksgiving feast with the JB elders at the home of the Schollenbergers, who are a senior missionary couple serving there. The Schollenbergers were able to find a 9 lb. turkey (which cost a fortune) and prepared a delicious meal for the missionaries. (Photo courtesy of Ed Schollenberger)
Local member with his temple recommend!

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