FIrst Baptism

Monday, January 6, 2014
The best day! 1/4/14
 Well hello there and Happy New Year!

I realized that 2014 was the one year I am going to spend in its entirety on missionary work and I realized that was weird yet fantastically simple as well. Feeling great!

I hope everyone back home had an incredible New Year and has set some goals for this upcoming year! That's really important!

This week was a good week. Elder Cook and I did some solid work, and we feel that the work here has really taken a step forward because of it!

We found some new people to teach! Here is a quick bio for each of them: 

An Indonesian lady named A___, who is very Christian. We taught her twice last week, and when she gains a personal witness about the Book of Mormon, we think she will be rock solid, especially because she has a bunch of Mormon friends.

H___, a Tamil (Indian) kid who is relatively unsure about any religion - like most Hindu-born people, he thinks every religion goes to their own concept of Heaven after this life, so the only thing you can do wrong is switch! But, his heart was opened to Christianity because his ex-girlfriend was Christian, which is wonderful, and now we are teaching him. He is really cool!

Y___ who apparently is pretty golden! She had an amazing lesson Sunday night with Elder Cook and our district leader, Elder Allen. We feel really great about her!

Also, perhaps the most exciting thing of this week was that Erika was baptized! She was my first investigator to take that huge step, and I felt so full and happy as a result. I really feel so blessed to have helped her change her life and enter the Church. Seriously, what more could you want from life?! I had the opportunity to baptize her, and the Spirit that flooded the room was amazing when she was immersed and brought back out of the water. Life is just so great!!

For any of you who feel like you might be getting worn down, just keep your thoughts in prayer and always push forward! Here's a silly cliche that has really been holding me up lately: 

"When life gets too hard to stand, kneel."

I love it. I testify that if you turn to prayer, you will be lifted up. We've got to get broken down before we can get lifted up, right? So just push on and move forward with faith.

Love you all! This Church is really Jesus Christ's church on the earth, and I wish I could help everyone I know come to realize that.

Have a great week!

Malaysiah Boleh!

Elder Coleman

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