My Mission is An Amazing Place

Sunday, January 26, 2014
(Love Sister Tina's t-shirt!!)
Hello all! 

This week was fantastic. Earlier, we headed out to Kota Kinabalu via kapal terbang - or airplane! Yep, in order to get to Zone Meeting (smaller than Zone Conference, only for missionaries in Sabah), we have to fly. So how was your mission again?? Hahah, just kidding, but seriously life is so great out here. The mission is just an amazing place.

We left Monday for Kota Kinabalu and then came back Tuesday night - so we had only 5 days of missionary work this week. But we did some quality work, which is awesome!

On Wednesday, we had a teenager named Jason who is preparing for his mission follow us to visit two less active members, which were great lessons. Getting members to go with us on visits is really important! And it does a lot more to encourage people and help them feel love than the missionaries can do on their own.

Thursday, we had a way cool experience. So. Elder LaFontaine and I promised we would try and schedule as many appointments as possible with less-active members, and in our free time, spend it doing contacting. So, we did! We went to a kampung (little village) and tried to find Christians. We spent about 45 minutes going around - then rain hit. Elder LaFontaine had the impression to stay where we were until the rain stopped rather than just toughing it out and going home. (We had already knocked on all the homes in the area that were Christian.) So, we waited. When the rain stopped, we started walking again, then met a teenager walking with a wheelbarrow. He was Christian, and said he would love to meet with us! Our contacting was worth it. So the next day, Friday, we set up an appointment, then headed over with Sister Tina (whom we were inspired to bring with us rather than a member who was a more logical choice). It turned out Sister Tina comes from a town in Indonesia right next to this new family's home! The lesson went great, and they want to meet this upcoming week as well! So. We decided to spend our time doing some contacting, then built a relationship with a member. We feel really good about the family, and that's mainly based on their relationship with Sister Tina.

On Saturday I met a less active who is fluent in Spanish and spent my time attempting to habla con ella! It was pretty bad, and I ended up using more Malay instead of Spanish, even though I was trying to use Spanish. Oh well, I guess I will learn una otra vez cuando yo vengo a casa en dos anos :)

Sunday was great, we had more people at church and had a great time reading the Book of Mormon with some members. It's funny - if people read the Book of Mormon with an open heart, they WILL get a testimony of it. It's guaranteed, and God promises it!! So, what Elder Wilson encouraged us to do, is read the Book of Mormon with those that have forgotten their testimonies a bit!! Then they will regain them with strength. It's true, and we are working on doing that with investigators!! :) 

Elder LaFontaine
Anyways, life is great here with Elder LaFontaine, who is way fun and funny. He wears a pair of transition glasses, which I kacau (tease) him about sometimes (hey, I wore them when I was a kid), but other than that he's a guy I'm going to be friends with for a long time.

For those of you who email me, thank you so much. I was terrible at writing before my mission, so I don't really deserve to get your emails. But I love talking to and hearing from you all!! Remember God loves you more than you can imagine!!

Malaysia Boleh,

Elder Clay Coleman

(P-day adventures this week included biawak hunting--the thing was about 40 lbs! The members will help them cook it and they will eat it for dinner!)
(Gotta have a little fun as a missionary! Haha Hipster indeed!)
(At Christmas I sent him a bunch of packets of his favorite sauce...he's loving them with the Malaysian fried chicken!)
That golden sauce

(It's a jungle out there!)
(Yikes! The ants are huge! And look at the mildew on the backpack...that's what 90% humidity does!)

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