Missions are Sweet!

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Missionary work in the jungle (photo cred: Elder LaFontaine)
Hello friends and family!! 

It's been a great week this week, with lots of work and great experiences.

Missionary work is just the best. There are so many times when we just feel impressed to do small things or plan such and such a lesson, and we always feel the Spirit of God confirm what we are doing. So amazing.

One of the coolest experiences this week happened on Saturday and Sunday. We found  a man named Brother Adai  on some old teaching records - he had been referring a ton of people to the missionaries! We were confused because we had never seen him at church, and Elder LaFontaine had never even heard of him. Anyways, we felt prompted to ask a less-active member a couple weeks ago about him and sure enough, she knew him and volunteered to bring us over to his house sometime.

Well, this week we asked the member if she could take us after we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her. She agreed, and sure enough, Brother Adai was there. Turns out he is really sick with something (he spoke a ton of Malay words that were really medically specific that I had no
chance of understanding hahaha) and had spent the past 3 months in Kota Kinabalu (northern Sabah), and just arrived last week back in Tawau.

We read some verses from the Book of Mormon with him (1 Nephi 15:11) and after he told us "Manusia tidak boleh buang penyakit ini dari aku, tetapi aku percaya Tuhan boleh." (Men can't get rid of this sickeness, but God can.) We then gave him a blessing. I really wanted to pull a Peter or a Joseph Smith and just say to him "Be ye healed!", but I found myself promising him that as he returns to church, he will be healed (with specific reference to church this week). So, we promised to come and pick him up for church and take him with us via bus, but the next morning, he had already left! Jalan-jalaning, or just wandering around. We felt devastated that he didn't let himself demonstrate his faith in the Lord.

Then, at church, guess who shows up?? Brother Adai. It was incredible and a miracle to say the least. I can't wait to teach him again and again in the future and help him reaffirm his faith in Christ!

Missions are sweet.

Elder LaFontaine and I just get along better and better each week! Love the guy.

Today the Zone Leaders are here with us, and they brought my mail from early January!! So thank you everyone for the letters!!

Love you all! Serve a mission if you haven't already (senior couples ARE included!), read the Book of Mormon if you aren't a member and find out why the heck we all are spending two years of our lives in crazy countries and situations! (Hint: It's all about helping others come unto Christ. Read Moroni 10:32)

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Coleman

PS Funny Malaysian things: Elder Tan (who is a native Malaysian missionary) said this week "Electric city" when trying to read "electricity" hahahaha #malaysiarocks

Also, Malaysia has a bunch of words from English that are spelled differently but pronounced the same. Eg ice cream is "ais krim"Hahahah 
Found another funny one this week: Ice cube is "ais kiub"

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