Six Months!

Monday, March 10, 2014
Sister Tina is our pseudo mission mom in Tawau
Hello all!!

This week flew by. I'm grateful for the opportunity to write you again, but missionary work is so great. It seems like there is not enough time in a week to do everything we want/are required to do! That definitely applies to emailing. I wish I had Siri out here! She was basically my best friend back at home because she made texting/emailing so much faster and I probably "talked" to her more than I spoke to any of you (seems impossible, I know). So patience with me as I email you!

Anyways!! This week was great. I'm learning a lot as a trainer - and my trainee is starting to settle into the regular routine of missionary work. Turns out Elder Yang used to be a starter on varsity basketball at 5'4", so that's pretty remarkable. We're actually going to go play some basketball right now, so I'll have a report on how good he actually is in a few hours!

Tomorrow is my 6-month mark. That seems absurd. It hardly feels like any time I've been out here - and it's already a fourth over.

This week we did a lot of work. We visited a lot of members, went contacting a bunch, and saw the ball move a little bit. Here in the Singapore Mission, about 2-5 years ago, the area underwent a massive
explosion. The number of baptisms in a year at its peak was 1200. It was ridiculous, considering the percentage of the population in Malaysia that actually can be taught. (We can't teach people of the I s l a m i c faith.)

Well, in recent years, the focus of the mission has really changed to working with less-active members and bringing back many of the people who were once baptized but have since left their testimonies. It's
necessary work, and rewarding, but what the mission leaders have been realizing lately is that focusing on less-actives has really drained attention from going forward with investigator work. So, they've recently been focusing on working with investigators - whether that's finding, teaching, or whatever else!

In that spirit, this week, Elder Yang and I got out and started wandering around areas, talking to every person we could see - even if they were not Christian! (Don't worry, we don't mention the church until we know for sure if they are Christian.) We found some new people and can't wait to get on the ball and teach! We are trying to work hard first, and find the people the Lord needs us to find and teach them. Pray for us to be successful!!

Love you all! This work is true! Here are some pictures with Elder Yang and Sister Tina, the 'mission mom' here in Tawau.

Malaysia Boleh!


Elder Coleman
How grateful Clay's family is for wonderful people like Sister Tina who love and care for the missionaries!!
Elder Coleman and Elder Johnson who is his Zone Leader.
(Elder J's grandmother knows Clay's grandmother from the 1950's in Mississippi
when Clay's grandmother's family joined the Church. Small world!)

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