I Want to Do This Work Forever

Monday, April 14, 2014
Launching sky lanterns at Chinese New Years a few months back
It's Adrianne, Clay's mom here. This week he didn't send an actual weekly update for family and friends, but this little note was part of what he sent to me. 

Mom!!! I'll be honest, it's the worst when I don't “talk" to you on P-day!! You're just the best.

In related news, Sister Tina (the one who always takes care of the elders) was born in 1966, just like you. So literally, she's basically my mom here. 

Also! Sister Chua from Malaysia finally arrived in California! She's in Irvine right now. Oak Creek ward.

Fun that you and Jess saw Les Mis in NYC... Haven't even thought about that in forever! Man! Touched my heart that you and Jess cried with memories of me! Don't worry. I'll be back sooner than you can imagine or desire! I don't really like the sound of that--I want to do this work forever! And I'm saying that after having tons of people just say no and no and no because they already have a church. We get referrals, and they just say NO, we already have a church! Man. We're burning through potential investigators out here like crazy. Well, sometimes this work just wants to make you pull your hair out. But I think I'm coming to the conclusion that if you're doing life right, you're going to do hard things - it's just a part of real, worth-it life.

Love you more than you can know! Thank you for just doing the simple things like singing the church hymns to me when I was growing up! (see President Eyring’s recent General Conference talk.)

Sorry for not sending a big letter. Going to play badminton! That's a thing here! 

Love you!

Elder Clay Coleman

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