Goodbye Tawau, Hello Miri

Monday, May 26, 2014
Saying goodbye to Tawau members (photo from Sharon Yeap)
Hello all!

Well. As some of you now know, I was called by President Mains last Monday and asked to be a Zone Leader. Pretty humbling and overwhelming, especially because I've only been out on my mission for 8 months. Definitely a great opportunity to learn how to lead and to love those I serve.

I spent all of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday saying goodbye to my members and investigators in Tawau. So blessed to have served there and know all the amazing people. I love them so much, and can't wait to see them again. Really convenient that some of the prettiest and best diving in the world is right next to Tawau on an island called Sipadan! so I will definitely be getting back there. Just a short time away from those great people.

Elder Yang and I are finally coming to a close... He's way great and I'm so blessed to have been able to serve with the guy. He is staying in Tawau with a good friend of mine, Elder Harr from St. George Utah! So they'll be picking it up right from where Elder Yang and I left off. They should see tons of success. So happy for them.

Thursday, I left for Miri! Just two flights, so not too bad. In the Singapore Mission, each missionary buys a bike with personal funds and brings it with them when we move! So, that's a little bit difficult because we have to take it apart and then box it up then bring the huge bike box to the airport and pay for overweight fees. The Church will reimburse that, but this time a miracle happened. The worker at the airport saw my bike and looked at her co-worker and started saying something about my bike being free! I looked at her and said really?? I asked if it was already paid for, and she said nope it's just free! So the Lord blessed me to save about 350 ringgit ($120 or so). Miracles every week!! With all that extra cash, I decided to treat myself to a Double Chocolate-y Chip CREAM BASED frappuccino at the Miri Airport Starbucks.(cream not coffee hahaha) She wrote "Elder" on the cup, which was pretty funny. I got a kick out of the fact that I, as a Mormon missionary, got some Starbucks. Hahaha

Elder Bodhaine is my new companion, and he's a GREAT guy. He's going to be one of my favorite companions. I'm really so blessed to be his companion because he is going home this transfer and he has worked so hard and knows how to lead and work with other missionaries and members. I'm going to learn so much from the guy. He's from Claremont, CA, near Chino Hills, and is really close friends with Elder Adams, my trainer. 3/5 of my companions in the field have been from California. I guess the Lord is trying to tell me to go back there when I'm older!! I have so much to learn from Elder Bodhaine and hope I ccan help him finish his mission strong.

I just want to testify to all of you who read this - the Lord is mindful of us. He knows us. He ACTUALLY knows us. Just think of it. If you could sit down with Him for just 15 minutes, He would talk with you about your challenges and your concerns, and with Him you could get the best advice for your life and for His plan for you. He would tell you what He wants and needs you to do. Just think about that for a second. Jesus Christ is our best friend. Now, here's my invitation: apply that to prayer. Our prayers can be an opportunity to counsel with the Lord, and get His priceless advice for all of our problems and shortcomings and concerns and wrongings and whatever else it is. He knows and loves us and wants us to be happy. I will promise you that I'm going to be doing just that and trying to speak and converse with the Lord through His Spirit, and I encourage you all to do that as well! I know that not only does He love us, but that He is waiting - patiently but so desperately wanting to speak with you and me and everyone. I know that to be true and that because He loves us, He still speaks today.

Love you all!! I hope someday I can come home as humble and as awesome as Elder Carson McCusker! Congrats on serving bud!

Malaysia Boleh,

Elder Coleman

Elder Coleman's new companion, Elder Bodhaine, who has only 6 weeks left in his mission.
 (Photo from Elder B's FB page) 

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