The Rain Didn't Stand a Chance

Monday, July 21, 2014
P-day excursion --  HAHAHAHAHA
Miri Crocodile Farm--we fed the crocs by hand!


Great week! 

Elder Stewart and I got out there and did tons of good work. It was a weird week, which included going to a shopping mall and advertising about Family History, but it was great!

Major highlight and unforgettable experience. So cool. God is real.

This week the Assistants to the President came on splits (to work with us) in Miri. In most missions, they just drive over, but in ours, they take not one, but two flights. #singaporemishbaby Anyways, we were at a member's house, asking them to follow us, and then the worst possible thing happened. It started raining. There's rain, and then there's Malaysian rain - it's a whole different beast. Rain takes out all the desire from Malaysians to do anything. Eg, if it rains on Sunday morning, no one comes to church. If you call them and ask why, they'll just say "Elder, it's raining." And this was some strong rain - even for Malaysia. 

So we were just talking on the way over to their house about all these stories when people asked God for a miracle, and God stopped or moved the rain/changed the weather. We decided to get the whole family to kneel down and pray together. The rain is pounding all the while. We prayed that God would move the rain so we could visit Sister P who has been less active and hadn't gone to church in 4 years or so. THE SECOND I STARTED SPEAKING THOSE WORDS in the prayer, the rain started decreasing - almost imperceptibly, but it started to change. It continued throughout the prayer - and by the time we said amen, it was almost done. 5 minutes later, it was a slight drizzle. The members were stunned. Their minds were blown. One of them was like "Elder, you stopped the rain! You did it!" And I replied, "No no no no no. It wasn't me doing anything - it was God! It was all God!" We left, had an amazing lesson with Sister P- and then she came for the first time in years to church this Sunday. Such a miracle. I was amazed, the members were amazed, and it was cool to see that I was needed to go do missionary work with members - so much so that the rain didn't stand a chance!!

Love you all!! I know that though all churches bring people to God, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only one that has the actual priesthood authority of God, and that's why Mormons believe so strongly in sharing our church and religion!

Malaysia boleh!


Elder Clay Coleman
A little treat from home! Chick Fil-A sauce!
Ummm...I guess this is their only way to transport things??? 
Gorgeous Miri sunset

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