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Monday, July 7, 2014
Goodbye to Elder Bodhaine

P-day adventures
It was a thrill for me to meet so many of Elder Coleman's fellow missionaries in the Singapore mission
Hey everyone! 

Well! Usually I send this message to my mom before I send it out to all of you, but it's weird because she was within 750 miles of Miri! Momma Coleman hit up Singapore on her way to Tokyo to meet jonnycc. So she was wayyyyyy close to me. And met all my missionary friends currently serving in Singapore! So weird to get some pictures of her with them. (Mom, feel free to include some.)

So this past week, Elder Bodhaine went home. He served a great mission and worked hard. It was interesting to watch as this hard-working elder finished his service for the Lord and returned home. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes! Definitely not ready to come home, let alone think about it. Good thing I have 14 months left. :)

So! My new companion is Elder Stewart and he came to Miri this past week. He has been serving for a year and a half already, and so we feel we're going to do a ton of great work together. We got out right away and have been trying to go as hard as we can. We're excited to see what is going to happen in Miri together!

A couple of awesome experiences this week. The first one came on Wednesday, after we dropped off Elder Bodhaine at the airport - I had no companion! So I went out to my area, and after visiting with some members, I had a 16 year-old member named Patrick follow me to an appointment along with his little brother and their friend, who is an investigator but wanted to follow to visit some less-actives! Hahaha We were a funny group going around.

Anyways, earlier that day, I felt like I should visit this man D and his family - some investigators - but then when I called, he said that he had no time to meet! But I still had this feeling I should go to his house. So I wasn't going to argue with a prompting like that! I just said okay! So I led Patrick and the other to D's home - and when we got there, Patrick and the kids started walking to another home. Suddenly, I remembered that Sister P, a less-active woman whose husband just recently died and whom I had never met, apparently lived right near there. I instantly recognized that she was the reason we went to D's home and so we went up there and knocked - she let us in and began to tell us about how hard her circumstances were. Her heart was opened and we were able to teach directly to her heart. It was a great lesson, and we feel that she really might come back to church. Even if she decides not to, I know that I did all I could and followed the Spirit to do the Lord's work. 

I know that the Lord is ever aware of us and will use those around us to meet our needs. He is ALWAYS aware and anxious to help us out!

Another funny experience. I tricked my new companion by having my branch president, or leader of my congregation, act like a brand new investigator. He was just priceless. President Augustine told my companion that he was looking for the truth, that he thinks it makes sense for God to send us more scripture. Elder Stewart was getting so excited! He was like "Man, these guys are gold!!" We also threw in little things that didn't make sense until afterwards. While pretending to get to know each other, President guessed my age and was like "You're 19." and I said "Wow, it's like you already knew!" Then I totally 'guessed' his age correctly at 39. So funny.

The work goes on! I know the Lord is with every missionary around the world and He sends His Spirit to guide and direct us. 

Malaysia Boleh!

Love you all!

Elder Coleman

Elder Coleman's new companion, Elder Stewart (photo from his mom's FB page)
Elder Johnson (in the center) was Elder Coleman's zone leader back in Tawau and one of Clay's favorites.
His grandmother and Elder Coleman's grandmother are friends from their teen years in Mississippi
This is me with Sister Bourgeois, who is a cousin of one of Elder Coleman's high school classmates. Sister B actually attended the Tesoro high school graduation when Clay graduated. Small world!! She has such a darling, funny personality as it shines through in her missionary blog. Loved her!

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