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Monday, January 12, 2015

B and C
These guys are two Zimbabwean dudes living in Malaysia. In our branch, we have an African member also named B hahaha, but he was baptized in Botswana. They are fantastic, and it was kind of a miracle that we met C!! We met him this week, and when he was a teenager, he had received a Book of Mormon but didn't know what it was, so didn't ever pay any attention to it. But now, we taught him as well as B and read with them, and now they both have a baptismal date of the 28 February!! They are so excited to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it's really true. 

R and C and son, and R and N and kids
These guys are Sabahans! Dusun and Murut (just two tribes in Sabah). We found them by accidentally going to the wrong flats and knocking on their door, trying to find some other potentials. They answered, and they invited us to come back the next day and teach them. We taught them the restoration and how Jesus Christ's true church has been brought back, and they decided to come to church that week!! (last week). We taught them again this week and they came to church AGAIN! we have really high hopes for them and they are reading and praying about the Book of Mormon now. If they get an answer, they will be baptized very soon. 

D and M and Family
Just last night I went over and taught this Iban family. It's fun just speaking Iban with people (but I have to teach in Malay bc it's way too hard right now in Iban. They were very receptive except for the dad, who had a bit of an issue with the Book of Mormon. Again, they're all committed to read and pray!! SO that's good. We really need these peoples' names on the temple lists that if it's the Lord's timing that they should receive and accept the restored gospel now, that they will receive spiritual confirmation that this is true.   

S and Family
S is the Indian man whose picture I uploaded a few weeks back. Well, he's been possessed and bothered by evil spirits his whole life through, and my investigator in Miri had the similar thing, but when he came to church (Christ's true church, mind you) he found that the entire problem went away. So I testified to him that this would happen in his life if he would come try Christ's restored church, and he ALMOST made it to church this week. His Father from the RC church got really upset with him to hear that he wanted to visit our church, but this morning through a Spirit-led phone call I persuaded him to try to come to church again next week. If he comes, and it's God's will that he needs this gospel right now (because he really really does), he will come and see it's right for him and he will be baptized along with his whole family!!

T and son
An investigator who has a hard time getting work off. Very nice lady who really wants to be baptized. Maybe it's just not her time yet if her boss and work is this sketchy. Gotta accept that God has his own timing with everything.

R!! He's a seriously funny Indian guy. No picture yet but when we meet him tomorrow, I will take one with him. So great! Just trying to get him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Lots of people need to do that!!!

Way sick. Corporate lawyer for top 3 firm in Malaysia. He might work with the church in getting visas for the missionaries in Malaysia!!


A great guy whose poor wife is dying of cancer. He comes to church every week though, and even though he sleeps through all the services because he works nearly 24/7 for his family, he's just great. He really feels the peace and good feeling that comes from our restored church - otherwise he would just stop attending!!

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