When God is On Your Side

Monday, January 26, 2015

Clay's sister McKelle and her husband David visited KL on a cruise this week.
Their port was Port Klang, the very place where Clay is serving.
They didn't see him, but did leave a note at his apartment for him.


SO...my sister McKelle was in my area this week. That's weird. (I didn't see her, but I did meet other people who were on her cruise.)

More people want to learn. More people came to church. There is a baptism coming soon. My companion and I are great friends. Life is just the best.

Don't ever forget!! God answers prayers!! But, He can only do what He really really wants to do according to our faith. And, He does things in His own way according to His own plan.

For example, this week we had an appointment with a man named Raja. He's great. It started to rain near our apartment and by the church, and he told us if it rained, he couldn't make it. Well, we had a member going to the church to meet him with us, and so we really wanted that appointment to go through. So, I looked at Elder Misa and here was our conversation.

Misa - "Dude.... look at those clouds, there's no way we're meeting them tonight..."
Coleman - "Yikes. Hold on man. If God needs us to make this happen, it's going to happen. He'll get rid of the storm."
Misa - "Well, yeah, but look at that thing!!!"
Coleman - "Let's pray, man. Let's turn it over to His hands. We can't do anything now. You think this can happen?"
Misa - "Dude, what can't God do? Let's do it."

So, we kneel down and pray. 15 minutes later, the black clouds were gone and blue was beginning to show. We laugh and just comment how it's sick when God is on your side. 

In the appointment with Raja and VJ, we tried to commit Raja to come to church. We talked about how if we really love God, we prioritize Him above everything else. We allow Him to take care of the details. Raja was sketchy, but  VJ (who was going slightly less active) was being more and more convinced that he needed to do more than just say he loved God. So, Sunday comes around, and VJ shows up for the first time in the last two months!!! And bring his investigator friend and her granddaughter!! And now that friend is going to bring her whole family next week! Raja, on the other hand, didn't show up. So!! God has His own plan and as long as we do all we can, He will work according to his own purposes through us. Pretty cool!!!

Loving life and this work. Weird to get a handwritten note from McKelle but hopefully now she and David get to see a little of why I love Malaysia so much. :)

Love you all, too!! I pray for you all!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

We do service for these elderly people every week!
And below is a video of a little pick up baseball Elder Coleman joined in with some local children.


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