Another GREAT week!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Leaving Malaysia
Arriving in Singapore
Snippets of some of my emails with Elder Coleman this week...

Elder C: I took a ton of pictures on the flight into Singapore from KL. You can enjoy the ride with me as I look out the window!!  

Momma C: LOVE THE PHOTOS! That series leaving Malaysia and heading into Singapore is sooooo cool. Also made me a little sad for you, knowing you were leaving a place you loved. Do you think you will end your mission in Singapore?

Elder C: I knew you would love it!! I call it - "Fly with me" 

I don't really know if I'll finish my mission here! I have my own feelings, but we'll see! I'm not too worried. I don't really care where I serve at this point because I know whatever transfers holds for me will be what I NEED and the Lord knows best!

Momma C: Elder Wang is adorable! Does he have members of the church in his family?

Elder C: His mom!! His dad is a 'communism', as he says, so he only believe in science.

Momma C: Have you met President Lai. the stake president in Singapore?

Elder C: Yes, many, many times. We talked for quite some time once about how he knew dad!! also this week I got to see white kids because we had a special conference. THEY'RE HILARIOUS. I MISS WHITE CHILDREN! 

We met a French woman yesterday who REALLY didn't want to talk to us and was super disdainful with us hahaha Oh well my French needs some work :P

Momma C: How did you handle that? 

Elder C: You just smile and say have a good day!! What else CAN you do? Just pray that you can be a light in someone's life, right?

Momma C: How was your week besides getting the French brush off?


Momma C: To quote my favorite elder...What is life??!

Elder C: The'll get it this coming Monday when we Skype!!! :PPPPPPPP Gotta go!! Don't worry there's a great big letter in the mail for you that has this week's updates ;)
Love you! You're the best!

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