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Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfers! Staying with Elder Wang in Singapore
Hey everyone!! 

Today was transfers. I'm staying here in Singapore with Elder Wang to finish off his mission, then I'll have one more transfer myself. Because I know he will be leaving back to China this upcoming transfer, it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will be leaving at the next transfer, too. So it looks like I"m going to for sure finish my mission in Singapore. What a great end to a terrific experience. Unfortunately, the sisters sharing the branch with me are being transferred out and their area is being closed!! 

BUT it's not over yet. Push to the finish!!

This week was pretty good. We worked hard and saw some really cool miracles. We found two new investigators this week, one through a member and the other from an investigator!! JW didn't make it to church this week, unfortunately, but his friend D did!! He introduced us to D this Friday, we taught him Saturday, and had him at church on Sunday. He seemed to enjoy it, and we will teach him again this week and help him and JW progress this week. !!!

We also had a great experience teaching Nigel, the nephew of a member named Alice Ong. We taught him, and tried to commit him to come to church, and he didn't end up making it. HOWEVER!!! The Lord knew what Nigel needed, and inspired his aunt to bring him to a bishop's fireside (unbeknownst to us) that evening, where he met some youth and the leaders. PRETTY GREAT. That is a huge step forward for Nigel, and we hope that we will be able to help him take big steps forward this week. 

I gotta get off the computer now but hey!! I love you all and I had a very spiritual experience this week that testified to me once again that this is ALL SO REAL. Jesus Christ really lives, God is real, loves us, and will help us as we make Him our priority.

Love you all!! Talk to you next week!

Elder Clay Coleman

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