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Monday, July 20, 2015

With President Leonard Woo (our former stake president when our family lived in Singapore and currently serving as Area Authority Seventy) and Elder C's new companion Elder Riddle
Humanitarian Service activity

Pointing to August 27 -- he will be home by then!

New Companion: Elder Riddle! He's great, a sporty kid who plays Australian Football (craziest game ever, look it up). He's been out for 5 months, so I have a great opportunity to pass on what I've learned from my mission to him!! Love his terrific Australian accent!! But it's wayyyyyy hard to imitate!! I'm going to work at it though! haha

My faith was strengthened this week as we fasted as a district for our investigators we discussed at District Meeting, then saw an immediate difference in the fellowshipping levels of our members. It was really good. I hope the investigators will progress to baptism. Also, my mom sent me some accounts of people who were prepared to hear the gospel being found by missionaries which increased my faith that there ARE people out there being prepared.

We had two lessons with members this Saturday, one to a new investigator named J. She is SO interested, and found most of her questions answered by the lesson we had prepared for her. It was really amazing to see. She told us that concerns she has had with religion for the past decade were just resolved. Hopefully we can teach her further. We do have another member lined up to help us to teach her this week.

We had our ward mission leader go to Relief Society and spend about 10 minutes teaching them about how to fellowship! (take people to classes, have them sit next to you at sacrament, etc) We are planning on reviewing that again this week. Other than that, it's hard to get into members homes here in Singapore. They're super busy. Hopefully we can improve that with the excuse that I go home soon to get us in there!

Our vision for this transfer is this: AMK Ward goes on, Elder Coleman goes home! hahah Pretty fun. I'm planning on looking my parents in the eyes and telling them I gave my all while I was away!


Elder Clay Coleman

Giant durian topiary at Changi as part of Singapore's 50th anniversary celebration! Only in Singapore!!

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