Miracle May!!

Monday, May 5, 2014
I helped Elder Chong make 200 cream puffs for the members in celebration of Miracle May!

Elder Yang, Elder Sutherland, me and Elder Chong--love these missionaries!

Hello all!

It's Miracle May, baby.

I'm the happiest missionary in the world right now! Not really, but Elder Yang and I have been SOOO blessed! Just wait. This week was INCREDIBLE. So many blessings and miracles were poured out upon us this week. We are so so so grateful - it was truly the BEST week of my mission.

On Monday, Elder Yang and I decided to be extra vigilant in opening our mouths and talking with everyone. We're both talkative people, and normally we talk to probably 80% of the people we see, but we decided to turn up and work even harder. On Tuesday, we talked to 44 people (more if you include the ones to whom we didn't mention we were Christian because they were wearing the Muslim shawl). On Wednesday, 22 people.

We were blessed to see and meet tons of people willing to hear a short message from the Bible, from which (following the Spirit made the transition seamless) we introduced the Book of Mormon. Last week, Elder Yang and I taught 1 investigator lesson - this week, we taught 12. TWELVE!!! And seven of those had a member of the Church with us, helping and testifying about our message alongside us.

The Sabah Zone decided to turn this May into something we like to call "Miracle May". We're pretty convinced the Lord is with us this week and agrees with us that this month is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

We have tons of return appointments with these people (10 of them were new) so we feel that we might have many new investigators this upcoming week. In our mission, the standards for reporting our efforts are pretty high. A lesson is only a lesson if it begins and ends with a prayer. Also, a new investigator can only be counted if they hear one SCHEDULED lesson (can't be spontaneous) and have a specific return appointment. We only had one new investigator this week, but this upcoming week we should have a ton of official new investigators. We had so many appointments one day, we did splits with some members, Sylvester (26) and Jason (18), to meet them all!! We were so blessed.

One miracle - we got to an appointment, and realized we had run out of Books of Mormon that day (we handed out 14 last week). SO we didn't know what to do or what to teach. Suddenly, a little girl ran up with a Book of Mormon in her hands. It appeared out of thin air. It came from NO WHERE! Apparently, an old member who just moved left it in the house, but how did the little child know that we were the ones bringing the message about this book?? And what are the odds she grabbed the Book of Mormon instead of the Bible, as instructed by her parents! The Book of Mormon just appeared. SO cool.

In another house, we taught a woman about how our simple, 10 minute message could bless her family, and she proceeded to go down the street and fetch her two daughters so they could learn with us! And THEY are more interested than the mom is in our message! So that was awesome.

One lady sat and listened while her housekeeper was working around the house - suddenly, she stopped, joined the lesson and listened attentively. When Elder Yang gave the head of the house the Book of Mormon, the housekeeper excitedly asked, "Do you have one for me too??" She asked US for the Book of Mormon!!

In another example, the head of the home invited us in, learned about our special message with modern prophets, and said "I don't want your book. I don't want to hear anything!" But his son, who already is married with a family, accepted a Book of Mormon and an invitation to read and pray. So incredible. So grateful.

Last story I'll tell you about (there are MORE), we rang the doorbell of this nice home, and the automatic gate just opened. No one does that in Malaysia - they ALWAYS check who we are before they open it. Then the family started peeking out the windows and with really confused looks on their faces came out and started to talk to us. We're still not even sure if they opened the gate or if the Lord opened it for us. Then, it turns out that the lady who came out used to be the kindergarten teacher of the member (Sharon) working with us that day!

Every one of the stories above resulted in someone accepting the Book of Mormon and a commitment to read and pray about it. This week, we'll be working way hard to meet with all these people again. The work of the Lord is being hastened in Tawau - that's for SURE! So grateful for all these blessings and the opportunity to be a part of it! I know that it was through continued faith and faithfulness that Elder Yang and I were able to be given all this.

We're praying that we can be guided by the Spirit to follow up with all these people, and see them come (closer) unto Christ.

Also, this past week Elder Chong and I made 200 cream puffs for the people in our branch / congregation as we taught them in a special Sunday about how they can work with the missionaries and find friends for the members to teach.

Love you all! This work is really really really true! Just work hard and never stop until the Lord gives you success!!

Malaysiah Boleh!


Elder Clay Coleman

Preparation day pedicure! Check this off my bucket list :)

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