Monday, May 12, 2014
Best gift of Mother's Day was seeing my missionaries
We love our boy! He's still so CLAY!! 

Hello All!

Woooooooooo! The day and age of miracles has not ceased.

First of all - THANKS TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE :) No matter who you are, you wouldn't be here without your mother. Fact! I know that every mom has a special place in her children's hearts, and my mom basically fills mine!! Momma Coleman is so awesome and not just a mom but a friend and a guide and just someone who is always there for you.  "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." - Abraham Lincoln. It was so good to chat with her and my family today!

This week was full of following up with people from last week - many of whom did not want to learn - but was great.

Santi, the investigator we had been working with a lot before these last two weeks, finally was able to come to church! Yeah, Elder Yang and I had to go and get her - but some crazy answers to prayers allowed us to get there really fast and get her to church even though our plan was kind of last minute!

Also, we had 4 new investigators!! It was amazing!! One of them, Daniel, has now been texting us nonstop telling us about how much sense our doctrine makes in his mind and how he can't wait to learn again. 

Here's a funny story for you. Elder Yang and I have been working together in going contacting (talking to every one we see) and knocking on doors / gates, and tons of new investigators have just been coming out of the woodwork! We know we've been really blessed. We are living the stat that I heard before my mission: "Missionaries who knock doors baptize more people than missionaries who don't - but they don't baptize the people they find knocking." People just come to the missionaries or are found through members and are prepared - because the missionaries are doing what they're supposed to do and the Lord trusts them! Read that one more time, it really blows my mind: "Missionaries who knock doors baptize more people than missionaries who don't - but they don't baptize the people they find knocking."

In accordance with that principle, we've been receiving referrals, relatives moving to members houses - anything and everything that is leading to more people hearing the Lord's message!!

There are tons of miracles and not much time - but what's important is that the Lord is putting His hand over Tawau and we are receiving the blessings of relying on the Lord entirely.

So grateful for this opportunity to serve!! I love you all and know this is the Lord's work!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

So fun to have Clay's friend Grant join us for part of the call. Grant will be gone on his mission soon so the boys won't see one another until 2016.

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