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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Coleman pan popcorn! In my apartment in Miri
With my companion Elder Bodhaine at the airport.
We have to wear street clothes when we enter or exit Malaysia.

Crab anyone?

Wow! Sorry, everybody, for not getting time to shoot an email off on Monday.  I was flying into Singapore for Zone Conference. Last week was another crazy, eventful week.

So Monday, we drained the font again - another 3 hours hahah but whatever! Just a few days later we actually found out that the pump wasn't broken... There was just another switch in another room that was off and controlled the pump. Ohhhhhhhhh well! At least we know we're dedicated enough to go hard and do it!

Tuesday was a great day. Elder Bodhaine and I gave a Zone Council training - my first time. We put a lot of work into it and it turned out fantastic. Our Zone is way more committed to fully dedicating ourselves to the work and becoming truly consecrated. We're stepping up our game to try to talk to everyone and to make sure we are opening our mouths!! We're working to qualify for Miricles. Get it??? hahahah MIRIcles?? haha (They are serving in Miri.)

So Wednesday, we decided to put that into practice. We opened our mouths several times, stopping by the way to talk to people - and we taught a spontaneous lesson! Another time, Elder Bodhaine and I knocked on a gate and asked for some water - we were invited in, just had a fun time with them and blew their minds because we speak their langauge (literally, no one ever thinks we speak Malay or even a little Iban). Then we got a return appointment, and later in the week (Saturday) we went back and taught them and it was awesome! Four new investigators and perhaps even more later this week!!!

On Thursday, I got sick and threw up. hahahah Yummmmmmmmmm but whatever, you only have to endure the negative aspects of Malaysian food once, right? So that was a bummer, but the day after I felt fine! Woo!

Friday was an interesting day.We did our weekly planning and made pizza! Elder Bodhaine is this epic cook and just loves to eat at home, and so we made pizza! Way fun and pretty good. He's an impressive guy.

Saturday, I went on splits with Elder Warner, the Chinese-speaking elder. We had a great time and taught that family with Durin. Another miracle! We felt like going to a member's house, and we go there and Brother Masir wasn't there.... but then we go inside anyway, and boom! An investigator that was lost for a couple weeks was there! We had a good lesson with her and then she came to church on Sunday!!! Sooooo great!

Sunday, we taught Jimbun again. He's a very simple man but amazingly, defying his entire culture's standards, will do anything possible for our church! He literally walked through the rain to get to the bus stop and then come to church. Let me repeat that - HE WALKED THROUGH THE RAIN. If rain happens, Malaysia stops. Ibans will just not leave the house. If it rains on Sunday, attendance drops by like 30-40. You ask them to do something and all they say is "Elder, ada hujan." / Elder, have rain. hahahahah So funny!! Jimbun is on a baptismal date for the end of August - he can't read so we're taking it slow with him.

Love you all! The work goes forward when we do all that we can! I know God is with this work and no matter what, He is with us. 

Malaysia Boleh!!!


Elder Coleman

More Niah Cave shots from last week.
Can you spot me in these two pics?
Look how awesome this is.

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