Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 16, 2014
Niah Caves
Climbing in the caves

Hello All:

Crazy past two weeks!

Here's a list of all that went on.

- My birthday!
- First Mission Leadership Conference in Singapore!! (all the Zone Leaders of the mission and the Sister leaders as well)
- bailed out a baptismal font with a trash can, a hose, and siphoning... 3 hours...
- went to world-famous caves at Niah
- FATHER'S DAY! Happy Father's day to all you dads out there, you're epic and thanks for all you do!
- President Mains came to Miri and did interviews!
- Elder Bodhaine (my companion) only has two weeks left on his MISSION. So weird. 
- I gave a last minute talk at Sacrament meeting. That's always fun!
- We found a 4 inch long caterpillar at a member's house. Sometimes there's just stuff like that which remind me I'm in Southeast Asia! 
- Elder Bodhaine and I won every ping pong doubles match at the MLC thing. He's way good and I'm a good doubles partner, so that was fun.
- Discovered that powdered milk is actually WAYYYYY good. I've been drinking it nonstop for the past week. Also found out our grocery store has Waffle Crisp cereal in it - so good!!! 

Lots of stuff has been happening. I didn't really get to expound on much this week and I feel bad - I instead responded to all of your birthday wishes!! Thank you so much for the love and support!! I really love it and wouldn't be the happy and blessed Elder Coleman I am without all of it.

Here's my little message for the week. It's Father's Day, and I think it's important to honor the common Father of us all. God truly is our loving Father in Heaven. I know He exists and loves us so much, despite of all of our weaknesses and mistakes. I think He sees us as mortals with the potential to do so much good, even if we're flawed- so He is patient with us and loves us no matter what. He loved us enough He sent His only perfect child, even Jesus Christ, to come to this mortal world and suffer and die for us. Our Father in Heaven is the most kind, gentle, loving being we know - and I know that He loves and knows us perfectly. I invite us all to take a few moments and offer a prayer of gratitude and love this week to let Him know how grateful we are for His perfect and unfailing love.

I love you all too! Work hard and do what you're supposed to and go forward with faith!!

Malaysia Boleh!!


Elder Clay Coleman

ulat beluncas and my new sick birthday watch

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