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Monday, August 18, 2014
Sylvester and Jennifer...two of the very best! 
Elder Stewart with Jimbun
Dear Mom and Dad:

In Malaysia, white people are a hot commodity haha. Everywhere we go, we get stared at. Our area is called Permai Jaya, which is in a set of flats and some terrace housing that's reasonably new. There are tons of less actives in our area - the branch's main attendance comes from the sisters missionaries' area. The people in our area have almost always seen us before, so we're not a huge surprise to them, but they still stare at us hahaha. Some of the people in our area are nice to us, but most know that we are from a Christian church and that we want to teach them or something, so they usually just wave us off. It's absolutely best when we talk to them - their faces are so priceless when they realize that we can speak Malay and even a little bit of Iban. The Iban people are just such a simple people, and at their churches, all the pastors have to say to turn them against us is "don't meet with the two white guys in white shirts and ties, they're from a sesat (lost, misled, false) church." And then people won't even give us the time of day! So new people or referrals are absolutely essential if we want to find people to teach.  Service is hard to come by in Malaysia--the people are generally so shy they don't let us do anything to help them!!! Foreigners are considered a higher social class than the elderly, so it's pretty sad that I can't just help people as they need it!!

Sylvester and Jennifer are one of the active couples in our branch - they are seriously the best. Their family is this: Sylvester 46, Jennifer 35, Evander (18), Patrick (17), Allister (16), Roger (11), Olivia (10), and Lukas (5). They're the BESTTTTTTTTTT, baptized 2 years ago. I love them so much and I feel closest to home when I'm in their home. Plus Sylvester's mustache is amazing. They always talk about how their lives have been changed forever because of the gospel. Sylvester apparently used to be a terrible drunkard, not nice to his kids, and their family was just not happy - now Sylvester is the most patient and loving man I know here!! They just give me the burning desire to find and teach and baptize a family so that their lives can be completely changed forever for good. Ahh!!

I don't have enough time to send more about the rest of the branch, but we usually hit 90 people at Church on Sundays. Our main investigator is Jimbun, the kindof scruffy looking guy in the pictures, but we have tons of good potential from Amazing August and things that could turn out. The blessings of the Lord are starting to flow - this week could be a HUGE week.

Elder Stewart and I are going to be carrying the zone in this transfer. The Miri Zone is in a bit of an interesting spot, with 4/10 missionaries having served for less than 4 or so months and another 3/10 going home by the end of the transfer. It's going to be a hard-working next 6 weeks. Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

More info next week!!! Love you two! You are the best!!!

Malaysia boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

(From Clay's mom: I don't know where they are but it almost looks like an an American bakery called I'm Taken? Hahaha)
I love Sylvester's mustache!

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