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Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder C's branch president Benedict Ingkon sent me these fun photos on Saturday night. So grateful for good men to mentor and watch over our missionary! Elder C is wearing a hand beaded tie a member in his branch makes. Awesome!

Visiting 16 Stevens Road in Singapore, where Clay lived as a child
A fruit fest! (Left to right) Rambutan, durian, cat's eye or longan, and mangosteen!  
Hello everybody!

This week was a good one. This entire transfer (past six weeks) was a good one. Unfortunately, they both seem to go way too quickly. Way too fast. This transfer I'm staying in Miri with Elder Stewart - and in this transfer I hit my year mark. THAT'S WEIRD. It really just seems like yesterday I was home. Weird, weird, weird. Ah, it's all good. The mission is the best. If you're not out yet, just get excited!

This last week, I went to Singapore for Mission Leadership Conference! MLC was a great experience. I really enjoyed learning together and seeing all the other Zone Leaders - including several from my MTC group, Elder Chang and Elder Allen. Elder Hays, my brother, (meaning he was trained by Elder C's trainer) was also there. The conference was way good, and the Spirit was definitely there. I love being in meetings when I get personal revelation from the Spirit that has nothing to do with the topic at hand - those thoughts with specific things I can do to improve really give me a testimony of the Spirit and personal revelation. I know the Lord knows us. That's a fact!

Another cool thing, I went back to my house where my family lived in Singapore! So many memories flooded my mind--it was nuts. I was really excited hahaha I probably was acting about as old as I was when I lived there!! (which was 5-8 years old)

Miri 2 Permai Jaya area is the area of the Zone Leaders here in Miri. Our area definitely has potential, but it's taking quite a bit of effort. Nothing like a bit of hard work to get things going. We are continuing to receive referrals and friends from the members in Miri. This week our zone followed up on 15 referrals from our branch members! Even our branch president is getting involved! He talked to a coworker and his BOSS about the gospel. Pretty cool. So we are starting to see things go. We met a member's brother last week, and we taught him again this week - he committed for church next week! We will work with him and strive to get him there. We definitely feel our area could be doing better, so Elder Stewart and I are dedicated to working until the Lord sees fit to bless us with success. 

Just put your shoulder to the wheel and push along every one! Here's a great lesson my mom shared with me a few weeks ago: "Work, chained to its outcome, is misery. The action, not the fruit, is your business." (Adam S. Miller, in "Letters to a Young Mormon") Whether that's missionary work, school, jobs, working with people - you do what and everything you can, and then everything else will work out.

Love you all!!

Malaysiah Boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

(From Clay's mom: I have to share this special request Elder Coleman asked of me...if you knew how stinky and disgusting most non-Asians find durian fruit, you will know how HILARRRIOUSSS this request is!!!)

Mom! It's DURIANNNNNNNNN SEASON and that makes me really happy. All the members are inviting us over and giving us this amazing fruit!! It's seriously the best.

However, in the United States, there is a disappointing lack of this precious commodity (hahahah I don't know why I'm talking like a fool. :) But there isn't durian / it's extremely difficult to find at home. So I have this idea of bringing home durian seeds and planting them somewhere near our home. :) But I need someone to get in contact with the LAX import specialist and ask if a special permit is required, if it's feasible to get one, etc.

I will love you forever if you do this for me and it works out :)))) Then we have unlimited durian at home! 

Delicious durian!!

San Ching Tian Chinese Temple in Miri -- can you spot Elder C? 

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  1. Your posts just make me happy. I feel like I'm there with you for some reason. I know how much fun your family vacations are and this feels like one of them!! May the Lord continue to pour out his spirit on you and all those you meet each day. Love you so much. I'm headed to CA next week for a long visit. It will seem strange that you are not there, but it will still be fun. Love, Gma