Transition week...from Miri to Kota Kinabalu

Monday, September 29, 2014
Hated to leave this kid and his family. Love the Sylvesters!

Goodbye texts from members 
Such a privilege to serve these people
Gotta love the Malaysian youth!
I really grew to love these people
Hard to leave these awesome families
Families are what make this work worth it
My new companion in Kota Kinabalu, Elder Ormsby

So this week...It was pretty sad to leave Miri. I loved so many people there. Several people cried as I's amazing to know how much they love us as missionaries - and the best bit is that we really really really love them, too!!

In Miri, the work was going amazing...this week Elder Stewart (my last comp) just baptized 8 people he and I taught together. They got baptized on Saturday after I left on Wednesday and then confirmed yesterday. So cool to hear about it. They all called me and just talked about how much they missed me. Eight others are going to be baptized soon. I'll send some photos next week. So great.

Compare that with... Kota Kinabalu or KK for short. It's one of the greatest places in the whole mission. Everyone wants to go to KK. It's the promised land. I'm so grateful to be back in Sabah (the place with the best Malay) and to be working here. The only issue - when I arrived they had no investigators in the area. Literally none. So my new companion and I are trying to work more with the members and get things here going. The Lord is really with us!!! We already found 1 new investigator in the 4 days since I've been here. Literally, the Lord just placed her in our path.

So overall I'm really excited to serve here in Kota Kinabalu. I know it's going to be amazing. I really have great feelings about the direction and feel of the work here. My new companion, Elder Ormsby, is from Provo, Utah and is half Kiwi (New Zealander). He played rugby at BYU and is a big guy! He's also good friends with Elder Stewart. Elder Ormsby and I have already hit it off and feel great - and I really think that, though we are working with just one investigator right now, there are great things coming to Kota Kinabalu 2nd Branch. I hope I can stay here for a while and see the work get turned up.

I'm also so excited to be here in Sabah because I will be able to go visit Tawau! There's really nothing that compares to going back to see all those members who mean so much to me.

The mission is having some visa problems for missionaries coming in and out of Malaysia, so we're getting Skyped in to Mission Leadership Conference.... lololol no going to Singapore for us!! My visa is fine but the rest of the Zone has been given 30 days to get out of Malaysia, maybe for good...who one knows yet... Elder Harr was supposed to replace me in Miri, but he got held overnight at Immigration and now he's staying in Singapore. So Elder Plazier replaced me in Miri. Crazy stuff. Keep the missionaries in your prayers!

Malaysia Boleh!


Elder Clay Coleman

Funny picture that sums me up because ​I'm energetic and moving all the time!​ Hahahaha

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