Active Patience

Monday, October 6, 2014
Trimming weeds!
Hello Everyone!! 

This is Elder Coleman from Kota Kinabalu. :) Sorry I didn't get a great email out last week.

Sabah is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. I'm literally in paradise. I'm so blessed to be here. It's a great place and a great time of my mission.

Elder Ormsby and I are working hard here, and though we've got a long way to go, we feel confident we can work with the Lord to find those people that will help build up the kingdom! We're out here working every day and waiting for those blessings to come upon us.

This week wasn't particularly the BEST week in terms of visible success, but we feel things are shifting to help us out! Slowly but surely we're feeling things change. 

The biggest positive of this week was that Win, who just got baptized 3 months ago here, introduced us to her younger brother. We had a fantastic lesson with D___, and he's got some GREAT potential. He told us that he didn't understand who Jesus Christ was - a prophet, or the Son of God? We taught and testified that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, distinct from God the Father. He told us "everything was now clear" but he had been confused about that his WHOLE LIFE. It was pretty cool. After that, his heart was open to learn and absorb what we taught, and he was so excited to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Pretty awesome.

Good things are happening!! Slowly but surely. One of the days this week, I had the impression to open up the binder of talks my parents have been sending me throughout my mission. I stopped at a talk by Neal A. Maxwell about Patience. It really applied well to my situation here in KK - we need to work hard here with patience. I often think that patience is associated with a passive feeling!! Same with the word "endure," as in "enduring to the end." I learned that it takes a much more than just passive patience. We need to work diligently, proactively, then keep our faith patiently! We work hard - and though results are not immediately noticed, we need to keep working hard and stay faithful. They will come according to our patience and faith! So that's what we need to do here in KK. Work hard, and even though things don't immediately work out, keep going in patience. 

I love you all! God can do His work, and He will do it through us! As long as we work hard and stay strong, we will become instruments in His hands to accomplish great things.

Malaysia Boleh!


Elder Coleman
Last week Elder Stewart baptized Fillomena (one of the many investigators we had been teaching together in Miri
--she was a referral from Florena, her friend pictured here) MEMBERS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO MISSIONARY WORK

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