Working and Waiting

Monday, October 20, 2014
Clay's mom: So happy to find this photo on Elder Lloyd's blog--what an innovative way to improvise a net!

The missionary work in Kota Kinabalu is really hard... Our area isn't ideal and most people (if they want to meet) will only meet once or twice because they're all so busy! So it's been a difficult week, but we're still working hard. I think that good stuff is on the way! There really isn't that much to report from this week. Just went out and worked.... Hahahaha sorry this week was just biasa! Lots of appointments fell through. Good week at church though! 81 people came! But yeah. Just waiting for the blessings to come!! Working hard, that's it. Hahaha boring sangat hahaha My mind immediately tries to describe everything in Malay now--that's an interesting development? 

Malaysia Boleh!
Love you all!

Elder Clay Coleman

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