The Malaysian People are the BEST!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A photo from a couple of weeks ago
Another good week! Again, the weeks fly by here so fast. 

This week I hit the point of no return - the one year left mark. Next year, October 6, I will be home.... So every day for the rest of my mission is the last of that date on my mission!!! Bleh. Not such an exciting prospect. Whatever. Just gotta work harder because now everything is the last time!! 

This week was good! Again, we're in the building phase of the area, so nothing revolutionary, but we feel good things are coming. A cool experience this week though - my companion and I went into the Samsonite suitcase shop on P-day to check out a new suitcase for me (mine is broken), and then the guys in the shop started talking to us. After explaining we were Christians, and missionaries, we gave them a little run down of the restoration of the gospel - and both of the guys were super excited to learn! We met one of them the following day, and when I finish writing this email, we are going to go meet him again today!! Hernandes is his name (don't ask). We feel great about his potential.

This week, Elder Ormsby and I gave a training at Zone meeting to the entire Sabah zone (16 missionaries). It was a great meeting and we felt the training we delivered was definitely what the Lord wanted us to convey to the Zone. The missionaries all received it well too - further evidence the Lord gave us His stamp of approval. We also filled in for the APs for New Missionary Training in Kota Kinabalu this week, which was fun, and then had interviews on Friday. The week concluded with General Conference!! It was amazing!

I'm really grateful to be in Malaysia. The people here are just the best. I consider them to be some of my best friends. I really wish I could stay here for longer than just two years. And I'm so grateful to be laboring among them to help them obtain eternal life. Nothing better than this.

Malaysia Boleh!

Love you all!!

Elder Clay Coleman

Looks like they have a bit of fun on their visa trips to Singapore :)

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