Keeping our Vision Up

Monday, November 3, 2014

This was some of the fruit of the 3 transfers I spent in Miri. With more on the way. So blessed.
This week Elder Coleman didn't have a lot of time to write an update, but he did share this email he sent to his Mission President. The missionaries write their mission presidents every week, and Clay has a tradition of sharing a joke in those emails. Says he wants to lift President Mains' spirits. If Clay doesn't include a joke, President Mains will ask him for one :) Elder Coleman found out today that he will be getting a new companion, Elder Thomas Parker.

Hello President.

Excited for Elder Parker to come here. Hopefully we can take this area to the next level. The Sabah Zone is relatively intact after transfers. We are excited. 

This week was okay. The Assistants came and went on splits with us this week - and Elder Lundquist and I did some good finding. I was pleased because we really needed that in our area. This area is pretty difficult, but we're trying to work hard and keep our vision up. We hope that as we work hard and diligently, Heavenly Father will help us out. We really need those blessings.

Elder Ormsby got pretty sick this week, and couldn't go out to work. I went out with Elder Jensen and Elder Allen this week. Elder Allen is a fantastic missionary--his teaching skills are incredible. I learn from him every time I go out with him. Elder Jensen is also great; it's fun to be working with someone from my MTC group. My companion is feeling better today.

A cool experience this week: While Elder Lundquist and I were going around, we met a really nice 
M u s l i m man. Pretty nice guy. We talked to him for about ten minutes, and right before we were going to say goodbye, Elder Lundquist asked him if he knew any Christian people - the man replied he knew thousands and proceeded to give me three phone numbers. I called them this week, and after I reported back to him, he sent me three more numbers. He told us to call them and tell them he sent me. Pretty cool and that wouldn't have happened without Elder Lundquist. So he's doing a good job!

Joke of the Week: What did one hat say to another? I'll stay here, you go on ahead!

This week: Why did Beethoven sell his chickens? Next Monday!

Elder Clay Coleman

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