Monday, November 10, 2014
Sabah is such a beautiful place
Hello everyone! 

The second transfer here in Kota Kinabalu has begun! Really excited. I've got a new companion, Elder Parker, and he's great! He's the 2nd of 5 kids, from Texas, a little bit older than me in the mission field. He's a thinker and a pretty successful, confident kid. I like him already. We're going to go hard and try to get stuff going. 

Our area was described as 80% M u s l i m (which means un-proselyte-able) so finding the wheat among the tares is a pretty good comparison. Hahaha But the other elders just let us take a huge area called Menggatal (mung-ga-tall). We can't wait to get in there and explore. We should find lots of work there. Great news.

This week, I get to go back to Tawau and visit Sandakan!!! As the Zone Leader here in Sabah, I have the unique opportunity to go on splits with the elders there. I get to see those people I love back in Tawau!! Stoked as. hehehe. And I get even closer to my frequent flyer card going gold. (emoji with smirking-ish face) (I've already reached the first tier, meaning business class check in and 5 kg extra weight. Hahaha flying back from Singapore and Mission Leadership Council, I skipped the whole line with all the other Zone Leaders in it and got to wait with President Mains in the priority check in line hahahah. So funny.)

Speaking of MLC, it was great to be there this past week. Every time I go I get spiritually recharged and just realize how much better I could be doing. I'm glad I get to go just because of the energy I have when I leave. It makes me that much more willing to repent and be better. 

Sabah is really amazing. It's a beautiful place, and the members here are so strong. There have been 25 missionaries from Sabah, and the church has only been here for 16 years or something. Incredible. This sunday, Sister Ching Chuah opened up her mission call to SLC Temple Square! That's a way exciting mission call out here hahah #perspective Pretty fun.

Another thing I love about Sabah are the buses. You would have to be here to understand why I like them so much. The drivers are way reckless and fast hahaha, but it's awesome. I didn't really ride buses back at home, but now it's almost daily. Pretty fun. 

Hopefully this transfer I can have more exciting stories about the actual missionary work.  Pray for me? 

Love you all!!

Elder Clay Coleman

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