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Monday, December 29, 2014

Although on Christmas Eve when Elder Coleman called us the video conferencing wouldn't work, he was later able to get the right equipment to make it work, so knowing how disappointed his mom was that she didn't get to see him, he later sent us this video. Bless him!
Hey everyone!

I know. It's nuts. How can it be 2015 already?! I feel like we all say that every year. I think it's time we just accept the fact that time waits for no one and just keep moving along! And enjoy it as it goes. :) Let's go forward, and not backward!! I don't like to think that I have to come home in 2015, but I've got plenty of time to be a force for good in the hands of the Lord. Just gotta accept what you can't control and do everything you can with the stuff that is in your power!

This week was another good one. Stuff is ramping up. It's all about that slow but steady progress. That's the way most things in life work! We have a couple more families we should be able to teach this week or in the coming ones. We're really excited. 

Something very interesting about missionary work is that even if you are teaching tons of lessons every week, you and your companion are going to have down time. It's unavoidable! When Elder Stewart and I were seeing an explosion in the work while serving in Miri, we even then had time without any appointments. During down time, most missionaries struggle to find effective activities to do. I imagine Christ also had down time when he was out there - we know He ministered for around 3 years' time - and He's just lucky because the Biblical account only writes down the important teachings and events haha. I'm guessing what He did during that down time was strive to prepare Himself for future teaching opportunities and to minister to those around Him as well. Interesting thought. 

This week was one of those weeks. Though we had several lessons - a good week actually for Klang - we had lots of time without any clear purpose. During those times, I have found it extremely important to rely upon the Lord by praying and seeking direction - perhaps even asking Him to give us direction - and then getting out and going with the first thought that comes. If that means knocking doors, then go do it! If that means visiting members, then go do it! Just going with that thought and sticking true to what we hope is revelation. 

This week, Elder Misa and I felt prompted to get out of the house and to wander around some areas. In some of those instances, we found nothing and no one. In other instances, we found people really really interested in hearing the message of the restoration of the gospel. It really just takes causing ourselves to be diligent and focusing in on our purpose as missionaries. One impression we had was to go to the mall and visit a certain store. Neither of us had any idea why. So we go there, and once we get inside we remember that this particular store is where an Iban from Sibu works! So we think maybe we will be able to find him and get his number. Sure enough, within 10 seconds of going inside, we find him, chat him up in his native tongue, and then get his number. We will be trying to meet with him tomorrow. Pretty cool, but again it just takes faith and constant focus on our purpose to motivate us to get out, especially when it rains.

Another cool experience was teaching a recent convert and her family (who were celebrating their first Christmas this year) a little bit about what we do on Christmas day and why we celebrate. We helped them read Luke 2 and sang some Christmas songs with them. After the hymns, we felt the Spirit, so we paused to testify and confirm it was the Spirit's influence we were feeling. 

I'm learning a ton and the Lord is starting to hasten His work here in Klang. I feel like He is beginning to entrust some new families to my companion and me. We're going to do our best to remain humble and strive to do His will, so that we can see good things happen with these families. 

I'm being reminded as of late from my sister Cectpa/Sister Coleman and her emails - it's all about the people. I love these people here and really desire their salvation and happiness. I'm working hard and from what I can see, good things are coming. :)

Stoked!! See you next week!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

Looks like the boy in green has been well trained in posing by Elder C!
Gotta love the Malay Santa Claus! 

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