Why I Love KL / Klang

Monday, December 22, 2014
With my new companion Elder Misa' alefua
Flying from KK to KL

Goodbye to good friends in KK

Goodbye to the elders I was living with in KK 

So. Transfers last week. Big deal. Going from KK to KL. From the east-est of the East to (what I thought was) the dang West.

I was very pleasantly wrong. :)

Why I Love Kuala Lumpur / Klang. 

Klang is very, very, very different from Kuala Lumpur.  It's about 30 minutes to the southwest of KL There's a nice little branch, which hovers around 35 people at sacrament meeting. It was just made into a branch from a group (and is about to explode in growth). But! Klang is not a big city, and that's GREAT.

It's a biking area, which is the best. So I'm not going to be sitting on the train all day :D

I get to ride a fixie!! Or a fixed gear bike, and it's way fun. A lot easier to ride!! That really doesn't matter, but it's fun, so I'm enjoying every time I get on my bike again :)

The place looks a lot like Johor Bahru - my first area, which I loved - so I'm feeling right at home here. In fact, surprisingly many people here speak pretty good Bahasa. There is a decent size flat complex where basically only Sabahans live, so that's been way fun to speak Bahasa with them. The looks on their faces when the orang putih (white kid) speaks their native tongue in their accent. Way funny.

Okay, remember the Sini family from Tawau, the HUGE one with a bajillion kids? One time their grandparents visited them while I was serving in Tawau. The grandparents said they lived in KL. I didn't think anything of it - then I got here and discovered they live in my area!! They are in my branch!!! I'm so super stoked. The grandparents and Brother Sini's younger sister all live here, and they're way awesome. I'm hoping to get pretty close with them, too, just as I was with the Sinis. Think of it, I know both branches of the family!! And they knew Yunus and Aspine! They saw them in a picture on my camera, and then I was pleased to tell them that they have been baptized (Elder Yang and I taught them). Wayyy awesome. At church I translated for them, and so my Bahasa skills are going to probably improve as I translate every week! You don't realize how much room for improvement you have until you have to speak at the speed of lightning because the people you are translating are going way hard in English. I just have to remember to write down the words I don't know so my random vocab can increase!

Well, I guess I'll be agak honest here. In KK, I was not doing many of the things in Miri and Tawau that were leading to success. I would definitely say the little things counted, and after a while, I was not operating at my best self. The last two weeks there, I was doing a lot better, but I was definitely a little bit lax!! So I was thinking this transfer was almost a "well, you get what you pay for!" If I wasn't working fully with all my heart, might, mind and strength, then why would He give me the transfer I wanted? Well, I get here, and within the first two days I'm operating at full Elder Coleman. I'm just all in again. And for that I'm grateful. I'm getting back to my fully operating Elder. So, I love KL because it fixed me in a sense! It has put me back where I needed to be. 

My new companion Elder Misa is a really sick kid. He's from San Jose, California, and a Samoan! I've never served with a polynesian before, and he's pretty legit. I'm excited, he's excited, we were both Zone Leaders, and we are hopeful we can really hit our strides together. Missionaries always drag each other down or bring each other up. Trying now to do the latter :) We're excited and ready for the work to BLOW. We've already been blessed with a new Indian family to teach that only speaks Bahasa. YAY! 

Lots of good things on the way. And although I never expected it, this is definitely the place God wants me to be.

Malaysia Boleh!


Elder Clay Coleman

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