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Monday, December 15, 2014
A jumbo crab in Singapore at Long Beach Seafood
Hello everyone! 

Today I got a call from President Mains thanking me for my service as a Zone Leader, and news that I will be transferred to Klang, in Kuala Lumpur. I'm going from one of the biggest cities in Malaysia to another! So it is pretty exciting. Not sure what to expect - I won't be speaking Bahasa / Malay as much; I will be primarily English - but I'm excited to see what lies in store. My new companion will be Elder Dallas Misa' alefua from Northern California. 

Can I share some of the things that have been retaught to me during my time in Kota Kinabalu? The work of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of the restoration thereof is the work of God. He directs and leads this work - and asks that we missionaries help Him accomplish His purposes. WE are helping HIM in HIS work - and not the other way around. I've realized that many a time, I petition the Lord for His help for me - when in reality, I should be meekly asking the Lord how I can help advance His purposes for His children here in Sabah - and now in KL. 

So, beyond that, when we, imperfect beings, are striving to do what He wants us to do - our imperfect efforts are expected and accepted by Him. He doesn't care that we are imperfect! He wants us to do our best, and when we make those oh so natural mistakes, when we truly are striving to do our best, then we can plead for the Atonement of Jesus Christ to qualify our faulty efforts. Then, as anyone who has ever seen success in this work has, we can watch the Lord do his own work - through us as conduits and mouthpieces. We can then give the glory to God - "not as I wilt, but thine be done" - "The glory be thine." That's powerful stuff, and that's the way the Lord can and will use us in His own way and in His own time. 

I know that I'm just a huge tool or instrument in His hands! I know
He knows what He's doing and that "all things have been done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things."

Love you all!

Elder Clay Coleman

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