God is in Charge!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey everyone!!!

This week is Zone Conference in Singapore. The Zone Leaders in KL are doing a great job, and they had the District leaders ask a really great question during reporting: "What do you want to get out of Zone Conference?" I have never asked myself that question before, so I thought it was a great idea, something that will really focus my attention and learning here. So I took it to the Lord and got some great ideas. I think this principle of trying to establish the end goal right from the start is a very important and valuable principle - it can give us the direction and purpose we need to really get going in some direction that will help us use our time and resources more effectively.

I don't think all of those thoughts will be answered directly by the speakers and training (but who knows, they probably could), but I have faith the Spirit will give me answers over the next couple days. God Moves in a mysterious way (hymn 285??). In the words of Jessie "Ammi right??"

Well, the work takes a few steps forward and a few steps back every day. A lot of the time, the people we meet tell us "I/we will call you when I/we have time." === in Asian language that means "I'm not actually very interested" because I've had like 1 or 2 people call back EVER so.... that can be frustrating. Sometimes you're just like "JUST TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT!!" hahaha But this week I really learned that God is in charge! Our Heavenly Father is in charge and knows what the heck He's doing. All we've got to do is trust. I learned that through two experiences. 

The first great experience is that someone we met on the train this week, a lady named Cecelia, came to church!!! Elder Misa saw a couple ladies that looked like Sarawakians, and that was what motivated us to go sit next to them and talk with them. Then turns out she really wanted to come to church, and when she arrived, she got fellowshipped SO DANG WELL. The Klang branch could write a textbook on fellowshipping people. So she's really excited to learn and wants to keep coming to our church. So that was cool. I know God uses whatever means He wants to get us to talk to and find those people He's preparing for this message.

The second really cool experience was when a member, VJ, told us some exciting news. His friend Tamilarasi, who has been learning for the past 7+ months, was letting VJ stay at her house until he could find some work and get his own living spaces. She was waiting for him to move out before she could be baptized, so two weeks ago we met her and told her that, well, if God thinks now is the right time for her to be baptized, He will open the way! He will give VJ a new place to stay if it is His will for her to be baptized now. So we prayed like that for a week and a half, and well, God came through! Now VJ has new work and so GREAT!! Tamilarasi can be baptized!! God really is in charge, that I know. 

Loving life and enjoying it how it is!!! Everything can teach us, and sometimes we just gotta sit back and soak in where we are and who we are with and everything around us.

Love you all!

Elder Coleman

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