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Monday, March 2, 2015

S and our card he found in the Bible 
Love this family!
Happy day for Thamilarasi!!
Hey everyone!!

Another great week of hard work and learnings and many spiritual impressions. I love it out here. Every week is full of gems, and I'm writing them all down in a spiritual journal of mine. Shout out to Elder Bodhaine for the counsel to write "small plates," but they are truly packed full of things I've learned and blessings and times I've followed the spirit.

Well, this week Thamilarasi was baptized!! She was first contacted a long time ago and had been taught by many elders here in Klang. We are so happy she finally got baptized. The cool part was that miracle about the member living with her getting a job and a new place to stay outside of her home (see last week's post).

Another way cool thing that happened this week - bit of a story that started two weeks ago. One night, Elder Misa and I didn't have anything to do, so once we called all our potentials, we felt like going to get some food. But instead of biking there, we had a strange impression just to walk. We were so confused, but we did it anyway. 

So we are walking, and we pass by McDonald's and Elder Misa gets an impression to go inside RIGHT NOW. At this point we're already going out on a limb, so we just went!!! We expected to find someone super prepared inside, but, no one. We talked to some people, but they were all           M u s l i m (and we can't teach anyone of that religion). We were confused. After getting some food, we left and were just thinking that we had followed our own thoughts! But then, at the next traffic light, we hear "Elders!!!!" And a man stops on his moto. He was a potential investigator that had been taught once but never met with the missionaries again. Well, we give him our card and got his number. 

We called it several times, got in contact with his father (the number he gave us was his dad's) and set up an appointment. When it was time to go to his house, we only knew the general area and not the specific location! So we couldn't make it. But yesterday, we got a missed call from a new number, and I called back only to find out that it was A's dad! We got an appointment, and he is very prepared to receive the restored gospel. We feel very optimistic and the whole group is very open. We have another appointment this Thursday with them. So, going back to the miracle of it all, it turns out that the father's phone had been stolen, so he felt bad that we couldn't meet! So he went into his son's room, opened up his Bible, and the first thing he finds is our card that we had given him. (See pic) So he had the thought to call, thinking it might be us, and sure enough it was. Pretty cool and miraculous.

This work is true! The Gospel has been restored and the Book of Mormon is God's word!!! If you want to know for yourself, read some of it and tell me that it doesn't encourage you to come and reconcile yourself with God. Tell me it doesn't invite you to increase your faith.

Love you all!!!

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Clay Coleman

Chinese New Year Feast!!

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