When the Going Gets Tough...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Entrance to Batu Caves
Beautiful Malaysia
...just keep going!! The best swimming advice I ever heard was something like: "I just kick when I don't feel like kicking and stroke when I don't feel like stroking!" Well, it went something like that, but I forget the exact quote.

Shout out to my older sister Cectpa (Sister) Maddy Coleman for making it!! Congrats on going home and hope you don't get married before I come home!

Well, this week is Easter and I'm stoked. It's also General Conference, which is the best! I love it. I hope you realize how great A) Christ is--He literally never did, thought, said, or wanted anything that was wrong, and He's willing to aid us in our quest to reach the same level, and B) having a living prophet is. We have a mouthpiece of the Lord and he speaks to us twice a year!! Take advantage of this opportunity!!! 

The work is going on, and here's something I'm really realizing - when you hit a wall, and you hit it several times in a row, and you don't know how to get over / around it - realize that part of the plan is learning HOW to do things you haven't thought of before. Part of being 100% committed is going beyond your current skill set or level of effort and reaching higher!! And it's easy when you're working with the Lord. He will tell you everything you need to do!

Love you all!! See you next week!

Elder Clay Coleman
He's going to have some 'splaining to do about this picture...

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