Easter Greetings!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey everyone!!

Well, first things first.... My sister came home from her mission this week - my family sent me a link to a staggering 152 photos. In the pictures, my family just looked so happy. I couldn't ask for anything else - the pure joy on their faces was incredible, and I'm so thankful for that. It really has made me realize that I will go home and that going home is not a bad thing.... I don't know why but I've put it into my mind that going home is something to dread!! But I'm getting excited. I can't wait to step off that plane and look in their eyes and say, "Yes, I'm back and I gave everything that I possibly could give." Five more months (or six if extension is approved ;) ) of pure work!! Giving it my all!!! Just stoked on life. My energy levels are ridiculous. So. Don't worry, the fire's still there and I'm going to just work work work until I drop / come home. 

Tuesday was one of the best days of my mission! Our plans were interrupted BECAUSE OF A HUGE STORM! It managed to stop the entire train system that goes to Klang, so Elder Hansen and I resorted to running through the POURING rain to catch a bus. There's a funny journal entry about it. Wish you all could read it.

We (finally) had a bunch of investigators at church again, and two of them were a miracle. One of the best things about Kuala Lumpur is all the Africans here. There are Nigerians everywhere and they are flipping legit. We met two more on Friday and invited them to church and they came (that's actually not something that happens very often haha). They are way cool and after church began asking me how they can join our church. 

Also this week...We helped members get involved in missionary work by asking them to help us get investigators to church for the first time. I've found that if you can get an investigator to church just ONE TIME, as long as you help them to have a great experience, they will have a personal desire to come to church on their own! They will do it by themselves, without us having to encourage or find transport for them! They will resolve their own concerns because they enjoyed our worship services - providing we as missionaries ensure that the members go up and meet and fellowship them. We have to run around like mad men to make sure they enjoy it, but they will THEN want to come back. So we had the thought we just need to get them to church once, and they'll be begging us to come back! So I gave a training on this last week at District Meeting and we got a lot more investigators there this week with the high possibility a LOT MORE will come next week. So that was cool. And should be cool in the future. 

I'm increasing my faith by fasting for an increase of faith! By asking God to lead me to that which will make me trust him more and that which will allow him to bless me more. We witnessed several miracles this week!! One of them being that we were teaching a lesson to a man named George, without a member present (to be honest we weren't trying as hard as we could've to get them this past week, so that's our focus this upcoming week) when a member just walks in!! Turns out that she was also a former Catholic and so she helped a ton in fellowshipping George. She invited him to church and helped out in getting him to know other members on Sunday when he came to church!

Another amazing miracle. We went to teach a man named Daniel this week, and when we went outside after the lesson, two of his fellow co-workers show up and ask us about the church. We invited them but really had no expectation that they would actually show up - but then after sacrament meeting they walked in!! Pretty incredible. Lots and lots of miracles. And Klang Branch broke its all-time attendance record this week, with 47 at church!! Not so bad lah!

Easter is the best time of the year - our Savior rose FOR US! He came back from the dead, something that has never been done, so that we could also rise again and get second chances. The Atonement of Jesus Christ allows us to learn from our mistakes without being condemned by them. It allows us to turn things around and make any change at any time. The Atonement is the greatest event in the history of human development. Pretty legit.

Love you all and so grateful to be a missionary out here!! The Church of Jesus Christ is the true church of Christ - you can know that by simply feeling the Spirit at any of the meetings of this church.

Malaysia Boleh!

Elder Coleman

Elder Hansen

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