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Monday, June 29, 2015

President Bradley and Sister Cheri Mains, outgoing mission president
President Stephen and Sister Elizabeth Simmons, incoming mission president


This week a major change happens in the Singapore mission! President Brad Mains departs from his mission and his replacement, President Simmons, flies in. It's strange to see him go because THAT MEANS I'M NEAR THE END of my mission. Oh well. Let's go!! Progress to the end.

 I recently wrote in my journal an entry dedicated to those things which I learned from working and laboring under President Mains' leadership. I can't type everything I wrote, but I'll summarize it in a couple major points: 

1. The Doctrine of Christ! Need I say more?
2. The importance of being obedient. He emphasized that being obedient is acknowledging that you are NOT wiser than God.
3. Following the Spirit like crazy, even when it doesn't always make sense. I wrote a lot about this one. He's taught me a lot about this. 

His service has changed my life, and his worthiness and dedication to receive inspiration for our interviews and transfers and zone conferences have helped me have an incredible mission. He will be greatly missed. 

Our area is doing great, the AMK members are really getting involved, and we had 10 / 12 lessons this past week with member's present - all different members, too!! Quite remarkable. We still don't have many committed investigators, but we found a couple this past week that show signs of promise. We are waiting on the Lord for those who are ready, and are getting the members yoked with us so they can be there when those ready to commit to this church surface. 

Highlights? We found a GREAT new family that is way spiritual, and way spiritually in tune. We are so excited to work with them. The Lord can and DOES inspire people to listen to us because this IS his work.


Love you!

Elder Clay Coleman

One of Clay's mentors and friends President Daniel Rasmussen meeting President Simmons
at the Mission President training 

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